Friday, August 6, 2010

Brogdon gives John Doak the Okie Doak!

Randy Brogdon, former gubernatorial candidate and founder of Freedom's Roll, has made his second political endorsement today.  After endorsing Mary Fallin for Governor, he now gives the nod in the race for insurance commissioner to John Doak.

Brogdon said, "I am endorsing John Doak, Okie Doak, because of his integrity, pro-business position, pro-life stance and leadership in fighting Obama Care. He is not a career politician. Oklahoma needs a business and industry leader like John Doak as our next State Insurance Commissioner. Doak is the best choice for the Republican nomination for insurance commissioner."  

Doak is in a run-off with John Crawford on the Republican ticket, the election is scheduled for Aug. 24th.

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