Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calvey Gets Desperate...Shows True Stripes

Ah the plot thickens and now Kevin Calvey has found himself in a dogfight with, no not James Lankford, but with the Edmond Sun.  What's the old saying, "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrell."

Well Mr. Calvey you have done just that - it's one thing to factually quote a news source, but quite another to misquote.  Past history has taught us that this can have consequences.  Hence, the response from the Edmond Sun:

“We as a company do not have a problem when persons pull quotes from articles that we have reported in our newspaper and attribute them to us when they are verbatim. What we report becomes part of the public record,” said Steve Paterson, Edmond Sun publisher. “We as a company do have a problem, when they are used out of context and used to make a point or argument, which is not based on the information reported.

“What Mr. Calvey’s campaign has done is just that in two different incidences. They have structured quotes from our newspaper and interlaced their comments and thoughts then placed it on the postcard in such a way as to purport that this was a report made by The Edmond Sun. One has to just look at the dates the articles were published and review the stories to see that what was printed on the postcards is not what was published in our newspaper,” Paterson said.

“We want to assure our readers who will be voting in the Republican runoff that these were not quotes from this newspaper and do not in anyway reflect the opinion of this newspaper. We encourage our readers who will be participating in the Republican runoff to examine all the facts about the two candidates before they enter the polls,” he said. “One more thing I want to be totally clear on, we have never said in print that James Lankford is not ready to serve in Congress. That decision is made by individuals expressing their freedom to vote at the polls. They will always be the ones who will make that determination.”

So Mr. Calvey seems to very cavalier with the truth.  He claimed not to have had anything to do with the negative push calls - seems doubtful, but, OK I'll buy that one.  I'm curious to see how he tries to wiggle out of this one.  Some poor unpaid volunteer is sure to be the scapegoat.  

This is just my opinion and I do not have a vote in CD-5, but how can anyone even think of sending this guy to DC to represent Oklahoma?  I'm tired of career politicians who think they are above the moral and ethical values the rest of us in Oklahoma try to live by.  Our representatives should mirror the people of Oklahoma; the common everyday man.  It's time to stop sending lawyers to our elected offices (I guess you have to for the judicial offices).  Honest everyday citizens that have an understanding of our principles, morals, and beliefs and who truly want to serve the people.

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