Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let Freedom Roll with Randy Brogdon

After endorsing Congresswoman Mary Fallin for Governor, Randy Brogdon announced that he has formed a non-profit organization called Freedom's Roll.  This organization will seek to educate the general public on legislation, ballot initiatives, and candidates.

Brogdon says he will be in the fight for freedom for a long time to come.  After the press conference at the Fallin for Governor headquarters, Brogdon was invited to speak at the OCPAC meeting in Oklahoma City.  OCPAC had endorsed and supported financially Brogdon's campaign for governor.

Brogdon entered the room to a standing ovation, and received another when he announced that he had endorsed Mary Fallin for Governor.

Although the recent Rasmussen Poll shows Fallin with an early 21 point lead, most political experts have said that number will tighten with time.  It remains to be seen just how much Brogdon's endorsement will help Fallin, but there is one thing for certain, it didn't hurt.

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