Sunday, August 1, 2010

Robo-Cop starring - James Lankford

So last week someone put a nasty little "push poll" or robo-call in the field.  The Lankford Campaign complained and called it dirty pool.  The Calvey campaign swears it wasn't them and even went as far as to say "Robo-calls should be illegal for candidates."

I have one thing to say to the Lankford campaign:  Grow up!  This is big boy politics, if you think the Dems on the Hill are going to play nice, then you had better think again.

I am tired of all the whining and complaining about what the other campaign is doing.  Coach John Wooden, arguably the best college basketball coach ever, was once asked why he didn't scout the other teams?  He responded by saying he didn't worry about what the other team did, his team just needed to concentrate on what they did well, and if they did, they would win.

I'm pulling for the Lankford campaign, but show some toughness.  Show you can handle politics.  Show the people of the 5th District that you have some moxie!

Mr. Lankford, you've been hit and Theodore Roosevelt said, "Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft."

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